Do I need a Licence to sell alcohol online?

Do I need a Licence to sell alcohol online?

| 31 December, 2018

It is the location of sale of alcohol which determines who needs to be licensed.

If the alcohol is stored, selected and dispatched to the purchaser from a warehouse then it is the warehouse, and not the call centre, that will need to have a premises license. The warehouse will also need a designated premises supervisor who needs to be a personal license holder.

If however, the alcohol is shipped to the seller’s premises and they then dispatch to their final customer, they will need both a personal licence and a premises licence.

Responsibility for advising on and issuing Licences rests with the local authority in which the business is based. Get in touch with your local authority/council and ask to speak to their Licensing Department for further information. Alternatively, get in touch and we will help.

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