We campaign for a vibrant and sustainable wine and spirit industry so your business can thrive.


Members can access a wealth of information on essential industry policy and regulation, opportunities to influence Government, and valuable networking opportunities.

New Government Hub

The WSTA is providing resources to help members navigate the policy and engagement landscape of the new Labour Government. This hub is designed to provide members with headline briefing on the new Government, offer all necessary tools for MP engagement, and outline the WSTA’s policy position and asks.

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What does the WSTA do?

We campaign for a vibrant and sustainable wine and spirit industry, helping to build a future in which alcohol, and alcohol alternatives, are produced, sold and enjoyed responsibly.

Why join the WSTA?

The WSTA works to create an environment in which UK wine and spirit business can thrive. There are three main ways in which we seek to achieve this:


Providing avenues of easily accessible information

Through phone lines, committees, groups and publications so you can keep up to date with changes in the industry


Providing opportunities to influence policy

Through WSTA committees, networking groups and events that provide access to policy makers and Parliamentarians


Providing market data publications

So that you are kept up to date with emerging trends in the market

Why Join The WSTA