WSTA Competition Compliance Policy

The WSTA plays an important role in promoting our members’ interests and as a trade association, we take competition compliance seriously.

Whilst discussions can cover matters of interest to our industry, we cannot discuss or exchange sensitive commercial information.

The WSTA must not be used as a means to create or encourage an infringement of competition law, as both the WSTA and our members can face serious consequences.

If at any time during any WSTA meetings you think our discussions may be in breach of competition rules, please inform the Chair of the meeting. The Chair may close the meeting at any time if they believe that discussions are in breach of competition rules.


The WSTA does not:

What is competitively sensitive information?


Competitively sensitive information covers any non-public strategic information about a business’s commercial policy. It includes, but is not limited to, future pricing and output plans.


Historical commercial information is far less likely to be competitively sensitive, particularly if individual business’s commercial activities cannot be identified.

Report a cartel

Cartels hotline 020 3738 6888
For info on compliance: