WSTA Industry GetTogether Award Winners

WSTA Industry GetTogether Award Winners

Events | 26 June, 2024

On 12 June, the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) held a celebratory event to honour and recognise the wine and spirit industry. The evening was not only a testament to the resilience and dedication of the industry but also a celebration of the remarkable individuals and organisations that have helped shape it.

The event was filled with gratitude and acknowledgment for the products that allowed attendees to enjoy the night. The WSTA team extended thanks not only to their members but also to the broader community supporting the trade. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of six special awards, recognising outstanding achievements and contributions.

“Tonight is less about standing up for our industry and much more about celebrating it,” said CEO, Miles Beale. “We have a fantastic industry to work in and on behalf of, and it’s important to recognise those who have made significant impacts.”


The awards presented were:


  1. Make It Happen Award: Presented to Jane George of Campari for her exceptional efforts and support throughout the year. Francesco from Campari will be joining the WSTA board in July, marking a close collaboration between the organisations.
  2. Significant Contribution Award: Awarded to Kelly Moss, a WSTA team member, for her extraordinary work with the RASG and efforts to define the low and no alcohol market. Kelly’s dedication and hard work have significantly benefited the industry.
  3. Campaigner of the Year – Business: Given to Majestic Wine for their influential and proactive lobbying efforts. Their network of stores and MPs has made a significant impact on government policies, ensuring the wine easement remained a priority.
  4. Campaigner of the Year – Individual: Awarded to Hal Wilson from Cambridge Wine Merchants for his tireless work in keeping the wine easement campaign in the public and political spotlight. His relentless efforts have been crucial in advancing the industry’s interests.
  5. Award for Unstoppable Endeavours: Presented to Kim Wilson from North South Wines for her multifaceted contributions and relentless efforts throughout the year, which have been greatly appreciated by the industry.
  6. Industry Contribution Award: This final award was given to Pierpaolo Petrassi from Waitrose for his longstanding and invaluable contributions to the WSTA and the industry. His leadership, fairness, and dedication have guided the WSTA through significant transitions and challenges.


“We are extremely grateful for everything you’ve done,” Miles remarked, highlighting the profound impact of each award recipient on the industry.

The evening was a resounding success, celebrating the dedication, passion, and hard work of those who champion the wine and spirit trade. The WSTA looks forward to continuing its mission with the support and commitment of its outstanding members.

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