Facilitating Market Access

In an increasingly competitive global economy, and against the backdrop of Brexit, opening up new markets and opportunities for the wine and spirit industry to grow is as vital as ever before.

Through a series of international fora; through our membership and relationships with international trade associations; and through our representative work with the UK and international governments, the WSTA works to remove barriers to trade in important export markets and to promote a sustainable and appropriately regulated approach to trade in wines and spirits.

WSTA works with UK, European and international government officials to ensure that any new regulations in export markets are fair and proportionate, as well as based on solid evidence. It is important that no new regulations unduly discriminate against UK exporters, or produce any distortions in markets which favour domestically produced goods over those of our members.

The WSTA are members of a number of UK government Expert Trade Advisory Groups (ETAGs) and engage with DIT on trade policy and FTAs through regular meetings and consultation processes.