General Election Hub

WSTA General Election Hub

The General Election hub is a one-stop shop for WSTA members to access guidance and resources for campaigning and organising candidate visits during the election.

Now is the prime window to open dialogues with candidates who could become your next MPs.

The guidance and resources below are designed to give members a full ‘toolkit’ for engaging candidates and arranging visits during the campaign. The intention here is for members to tailor their engagement to issues most pertinent to them, while retaining consistency in both industry policy narrative and profile of economic footprint. is your WSTA point of contact for assistance in engaging candidates, and any election-related queries.

In line with the Political Parties, Referendums and Elections Act (2000), there are statutory obligations in place relating to spending on certain types of campaigning by third parties during a regulated General Election period. The Electoral Commission also has guidance in place, including suggested best practice, for how third parties should approach campaigning. The WSTA has provided the above guidance for members, but the full non-party campaigning Code of Practice under the Political Parties, Referendums and Elections Act (2000) can be accessed here. The Electoral Commission guidance, including suggested best practice, can be accessed here.